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James Liebman is terrific as Oppenheimer. He embodies the thrill of the science. … Mr. Liebman shows us Oppenheimer’s vanity, but he also believably conveys something deeper, the fear that unless mankind sees the terrible fury of his bomb, it will be used to start another, even more terrible war. …he betrays the trust of those closest to him, and he survives. Liebman projects that strength, but he also makes Oppenheimer’s breakdown palpably alive. When he curls up in a fetal position on the floor, shaking at the horror of what he has created, you feel his pain.
Samuel Garza BernsteinStage and Cinema




James has studied in New York with Wynn Handman at his studio, T. Schreiber Studio and Patsy Rodenburg whenever/wherever he can find her. He has worked with Cameron Watson and Lesly Kahn since moving out West. He is presently starring in the title role in Rogue Machine’s American Premiere of Oppenheimer by Tom Morton-Smith. Recent projects include his roles in Still Life at Rogue Machine Theatre Company, the lead in the award-winning short film The Dangle from Writer/Director Michael Ravich and a mad Russian in the web series House Rules.

If you have any questions, info or projects contact him here. If not, contact him anyway. He so loves to hear from you.