The excellent cast (including myself) of the excellent feature “The End of Something” that I shot last year has been nominated at the Bare Bones Film Festival for “BEST ENSEMBLE CAST!” This in addition to being up for Best Comedy (really? hm) and a Best Indie Auteur award for Herr Illustrious Direktor, Colin Rivera. Can anyone say sweep? Can TEOS… Read more →

SUNDAY: @ New Filmmakers LA

You know those world-class actors that I was talking about above, one of them is in this! I directed James Liebman in Dear Brutus in NY a couple of years ago, and he is definitely on my list of Genius Actors With Whom I Have Worked™. via Dead Inside and shorts at New Filmmakers LA – The Thirteenth Baby Opossum. Read more →

Punk Soup for the Artists’ Soul

A great, great list of dos and don’ts for artists in any field (though it’s focused on writing here) Anis Shivani: New Rules For Writers: Ignore Publicity, Shun Crowds, Refuse Recognition And More. My favorite: 4. Seek Unemployment. This goes back to our Franklinian endowment, our desperate impulse to occupy ourselves with practical stuff, feeling useful, needed, employed like everyone… Read more →


Just got news that I was accepted to study with Wynn Handman! Very excited as there are a good number of people that I respect who recommended him as well as a greater number out there in the field who have ties to him. A small sample of them: A noted teacher for over 50 years, in his professional acting… Read more →