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Directed by Elizabeth Swain, the three supporting performers are adept and entertaining, while Liebman emanates naturalness and an appealing warmth that invests you in his story.
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…it is Liebman’s subtle, grounded work that makes the lasting impression
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Liebman, … sets his Ben up for tensions, affection and fear for his partner’s mental and physical health.
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Liebman‘s Ben, the perfect yin to Jack’s yang. The calm to his hysteria. The optimism to Jack’s pragmatism. Liebman’s Ben would be the perfect partner for anyone, gay or straight. Ben’s loving, caring, understanding, and empathizing.
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Director Elizabeth Swain is fortunate to have an extraordinary cast that is both convincing and affecting.
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Liebman, as Ben, and Michael Rubenstone, as Jack, exude charm and credibility as the two protagonists, backed by an adept supporting cast (Elyse Mirto, Dale Raoul and Joel Swetow)
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Marvelous featured performances by Davis, Krebsbach, Janeway, Liebman, Lyddan, and Pipo complete as sensational a cast as I’ve seen in an Actors Co-op comedy … or just about anywhere else for that matter.

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Corner Pocket – Pool With A Side Of Everything – The Happiest Medium

during a moment when Glen (James Liebman) is confessing to his wife that he loved his mistress in a way that didn’t interfere with his marriage the moment was genuine and true; you could honestly believe how this man got to the point of being with two women, needing them both equally and not seeing how one had anything to do with the other.  This is the heart of the play.  This is the very reason we’re here …

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SUNDAY: @ New Filmmakers LA

You know those world-class actors that I was talking about above, one of them is in this! I directed James Liebman —- and he is definitely on my list of Genius Actors With Whom I Have Worked™.-via Dead Inside and shorts at New Filmmakers LA – The Thirteenth Baby Opossum.


Joking Apart Reviews!

2 very kind reviews that had great things to say about our performance as a whole, but a snippet or 2 about me in particular. Flatterers …

“The play succeeds on all fronts. The acting is genuinely hilarious and subtle with wonderful performances from all cast members. Special acknowledgment goes to James Liebman as Sven, the Finnish know-it-all, for his ability to deliver unexpected interpretations to all of his interactions.”-by Markus Paminger on 6.9.10

James Liebman’s Sven is the yin to Stattin’s yang, encompassing all that can happen to a person when nothing goes right. Sven, someone who “is never wrong, even when he is” is pompous and arrogant at first meeting, but his house of cards soon dissolves when he finds it harder and harder to keep up with Ricard’s good fortune – especially since they are equal business partners. A tennis match between Sven and Richard is the perfect metaphor for their relationship; what is pure sport and just fun for Richard is steely competition for Sven. Sven wins, of course, but only when Richard plays the game with his non-dominant hand. Liebman doesn’t over stretch Sven’s faults in order to expose them, he simple coats every action with a thin veneer of self-righteousness that at once makes Sven laughable and pitiable, especially as the years draw on.”-by Karen Tortora-Lee on 6.8.10