Borderless Table

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Height 6’3″
Weight 185
Member at Rogue Machine Theatre Company.
The Dangle * Lead Michael Ravich
The End of Something * Lead Colin Rivera/Vintage Youth Productions
Due North Supporting Veronica Shea
Sandy Man Supporting Shelly Lauman
This is Reality Lead Felipe Vara De Rey
Sunday Lead Jennie Allen
Politics of Conflict Lead Minos Papas/Cyprian Films
Love.Roulette Lead Giorgio Arcelli
Cowboys and Indians Lead Renn Cheadle-Geoffrey Paracka
Let it Ring Supporting Jean Luc Ormieres
Bear Lead Emily Keslar
Couch Supporting Anya Meksin
Hungry Years Supporting Isaak & Eva James/Last Ditch Pictures
Masters of Sex Co-Star Eric Tignini/SHOWTIME
The Young and the Restless U5 Casey Childs/CBS Television
Insult to Injury Supporting Jennie Fahn
House Rules Supporting Dean Donofrio
The Fur is Gone Supporting Selah Victor
MiPromise * Supporting Lauralee Bell/Martin Bell Prod.
FLNNN News Lead Keith Higgons
El Lobo Rojo Lead Greg Hart & Tomas Larsson
Downtown Girls Supporting Kevin Walker/1990 Lex Prod
Edward Albee’s Occupant Man Heather Chesley/Garry Marshall Theatre
Still Life Jeff Michael Peretzian/Rogue Machine Theatre
Honky Peter Gregg Daniel/Rogue Machine Theatre
Forever House Ben * Liz Swain/Skylight Theatre
Pride and Prejudice Fitzwilliam Linda Kerns/Actors Co-Op
Rabbit the Dog * David * Giovanni Pucci/Network One-Act Festival
Clash By Night Earle Abigail Zealey Bess/LAB Art Gallery
Seagull Dorn Greg Taubman/Columbia University
Corner Pocket Glen * Bridget Durkin/Extant Arts
Joking Apart Sven Peter Jensen/Gloria Maddox Theatre
Expecting Frank * Aren Haun/Players’ Theatre
Black and White John * Elizabeth Burkhard/Producer’s Club
Orfeo and the Dragon Orfeo * No-Pants Theatre Company/Strawberry Fest Finalist
3D World Paul No-Pants Theatre Company/NYC Fringe Festival
Konstantis & Arete (also in Greek) Rebel Olga Zissi/LaMama with the Greek Center
*Originated Role
Available upon request
Comedy: Lesly Kahn
Scene Study: Jeannie Hackett, Cameron Watson, Wynn Handman, Sean Folster
Shakespeare/Voice: Patsy Rodenburg
OnCamera: Tim Phillips
Commercials/Improv: UCB 201, Killian McHugh, Alyson Horn
Conservatory: T. Schreiber, 2009
Degree: Queens College of CUNY/BA in Drama & Theatre
Languages: Greek (fluent)
Dialects: British RP, Greek, Russian
Music/Vocal: guitar, bass guitar, folky baritone
Vices/Misc: smoking, ZIPPO‚™ tricks, graphic design
Sports: basketball, frisbee, billiards/pool, frisbee, football, ping pong, softball, tennis, volleyball