Too Many Updates, Not Enough Mics

So! As we approach the end of Sept I realize my last post with any updates was July. Why? Because, thankfully, I’ve been too busy to really sit and write anything about how busy I am. So, here’s an attempt at recapping …

-Recently had the great fortune of being asked to take part in a reading of Giovanni Pucci’s funny new one-act “Rabbit the Dog” at The Network Reading Series, organized by the equally awesome Karin De La Penha. My co-star was the unsinkable Nicholas Brown. We called it a reading but it was one of the most physical and fully invested readings I’ve ever seen or been a part of.

-The beautiful and funny feature “The End of Something,” written/directed by Colin Rivera, that I shot in Fall of 2010 is slated to make its New York debut at the Astoria International Film Festival in October (schedule TK) and then will also show at the New Filmmakers’ Anthology Film Archives in the East Village.  Our screening date will be Wednesday, November 16th at 9:15pm . I get snarky!

-The beautiful short film “Sunday” that I shot in winter (reaaaally winter) of 2010 with Sarah Babb, written/directed by Jennie Allen had its premiere in July at the New Filmmakers’ Anthology Film Archives.

-The short political satire film “The Politics of Conflict” that I shot in winter (reeeeeally winter) of 2011,  directed by Minos Papas and written by him and Nicolas Sampson, looks to be getting its first ever screening in October. Deets TK.

-I’ve had the opportunity to meet, talk to and audition for great casting directors like K. Blichfield, A. Alldaffer, K. Kuffa, D. Vaccari, C. Hickman, J. Kelly, A. Estrin and more. I seriously need to comment on how kind and personable every one of these encounters has been. Humanity need never be compromised.

-I’ve also made my first good, fruitful contact with an agent! More on that soon.

-2 VO jobs! One for New Era and another that I mustn’t speak of yet. Love the VO!

-Wynn Handman’s class has started up again. ‘Nuff said there (in a good way).

-The feature film “Zero” is in rehearsals and casting and is getting more exciting by the day. Plus, my puppy might co-star with me!

-Lastly, but far from leastly, I am rehearsing a new show called Corner Pocket with the Extant Arts Theater Company, that premieres next week! This one will get its own post, but I couldn’t write an update post without including this. That would be wrong, right?

I think that’s more or less it.  If you stuck through all of this, here’s your payoff! Pics of an amazingly beautiful, soul-replenishing trip to lovely Greece with my lovelier wife. Check the smiles. Hopefully they’ll inspire some of your own. Enjoy!